About Us

INspire Cafe is a community cafe on a mission to INspire Change. We’re committed to creating a more INclusive world where individuals with diverse abilities are not just included but are valued for their unique talents and abilities. We work together to break down barriers and challenge perceptions for a brighter future. We envision a society where differences are celebrated, everyone is given the chance to contribute, and where no one is left behind. 

With support from the Boys & Girls Clubs and the Friends of INspire cafe along with all  of our partners and friends, we are able to provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with diverse abilities. Our programs and initiatives aim to foster skills, confidence, personal growth and INdependence. 

INspire Cafe is a community space where people of all backgrounds come together; not only to work, but to thrive. Come on in, grab a coffee and join us in our mission to INspire change, INclusivity and INdepence!

Your contribution will have a profound impact, providing a unique opportunity for the community to interact and engage with individuals who are differently abled.

Here are some key areas where your support can make a difference:

Renovate the Cafe:

Help support the build-out of a new cafe space, including essential appliances and equipment, ensuring full accessibility for all employees and customers.

Employment Support:

The Boys and Girls Club will partner in hiring the individuals who were recently displaced, aligning with their workforce development mission. Your support will facilitate their transition to a new workplace, including training on new menus and operations.

Community Ecosystem:

Help support connections with like-minded organizations within the disability community. This network will provide a sustainable source of food products for the cafe and merchandise for sale, further strengthening the impact of the venture.

Inspire change and build a brighter future together

There are various levels of impact at which you can contribute, allowing you to choose the level of involvement that resonates with you. Whether you choose to donate, spread the word about our mission, or share this page with others, your actions will truly make a difference.

411 Main Street Wakefield Ma 01880